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Exposing the massive deception of new age and law of attraction teachings.

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He Will Calm All Your Fears

I used to have such bad anxiety, that it would be physically painful. I tried so many things to help me calm down: meditation, going for walks, CBD oil, energy work, flower essences…all kinds of things, and I found no relief.

One day in July, I had a very intensely stressful day at work. One thing after another kept happening. I kept dropping things and fumbling my words, knocking things over. It was the snowball effect to the max. I came home and sat on my couch and cried. I prayed and asked God to take the anxiety away. I poured my heart out to Him and said I can’t do everything on my own anymore.

I need you…

And I suddenly felt an incredible peace.

Since that day, I have had some stressful days, but nothing close to what I had been experiencing over the last few years.

If you have anxiety and you’ve tried all kinds of things with no relief, try reaching out to God. Reach out to the one who created you…He will help you in ways you have never even imagined!

(There is a lot more to this story of course! You can read about it here.)


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An (Almost) Endless Search for Answers

For over sixteen years, I was deeply involved in new age teachings. I was on a desperate search for the truth. I bought hundreds of books, attended countless seminars, listened to hours and hours of teachings online about the law of attraction and all kinds of spiritual teachings, and I was still hungry, still searching, still feeling lost and desperate. There was always a promise that the next book or the next seminar or the next technique or class or video would give me what I was searching for.

I started reflecting on all the things I was into and involved in. Here’s a list I compiled, just to show how lost I was:

Abraham Hicks

Esther Hicks channels a group of entities or spirits who call themselves Abraham. (She uses the name Abraham Hicks for copyright purposes.) I used to listen to her recordings almost every single day for years (from 2006 up until July of 2019), usually for at least an hour, often for several hours. I tried so hard to make the techniques work. Sometimes they would work, but the results would disappear soon after. I realized that I became so focused on my own self-serving desires. I started having less and less compassion for others. I would often hear things that troubled me in those teachings, but I would pass them off and just keep listening and trying to make it all work.


After being exposed to the teachings of Abraham, I was interested in learning how to channel. I took an online class and learned how to do it. For years, I would practice verbally channeling with a friend from the class. We would practice on the phone and it felt so weird at first, but I got acclimated to it and then I became addicted to it. I also did automatic writing, which is another form of channeling. It was always so strange. I would feel like something was telling me what to write.

Matrix Energetics

This is a type of energy technique. I attended several seminars including levels 1 through 4, and even flew to Seattle in 2008 to receive my practitioner certification. (They also offer additional seminars.) They were expensive and lots of strange things occurred there. I wonder why I didn’t question any of it. I believe I was under such massive deception that none of it really bothered me. 


I received several reiki sessions over the years. I would feel good for a little while, but then I always wanted more and more. The origins of reiki are disturbing, and I’ll go into it further in a future post.


Crystals are harmless in and of themselves. However, when you start turning to them for healing powers, that’s when it gets dangerous.

Quantum Touch

This is another energy healing technique that was channeled into existence. Anytime something is channeled, it is not from a good place, to put it lightly!


Another form of energy healing that was received by channeling. One of the basic techniques is where you cross your ankles and wrists and you think about what you want to create. Also very strange! (Do you see how I kept searching and searching?)


I did countless guided meditations, as well as silent meditations where I tried to empty my mind. When you empty your mind, your defenses are down.

Orin and DaBen

I read books and did meditations by Sanaya Roman who channeled an entity named Orin. Her partner channeled an entity named DaBen. When I did her guided meditations, I would totally zone out and not even remember most of it. The background music was very hypnotic and I would often go into a trance like state. I remember being very addicted to these meditations.

Angel card decks

I used to have almost all of Doreen Virtue’s card decks. She has now publicly apologized for them and she has explained that although they appear beautiful and positive and harmless, they are actually divination tools that invite in demons. I used to do my own card readings for myself. I would ask the “angels” a question, and then choose a few cards. I would read the little booklet to see what the cards meant. I put angels in quotations, because I have since learned that they are actually demons (a very sobering thought).

I had my first official angel card reading by a woman locally in 2006. It was a type of psychic reading. She said, “you’re going to have the best summer of your life!” I proceeded to have the *worst* summer of my life. A week or two after that reading, I was in an almost fatal car accident (no exaggeration. My car looked like an accordion), I lost my apartment shortly after that, and a few weeks later, there was an incident which caused me to lose contact with my brother for over 12 years. (Thank God, we are in contact again and much healing has occurred!)

Psychic readings

I’ve had many psychic readings over the years. I have learned that psychics are getting their information from a place that is not from God. This is something I will elaborate on in a future post.


All of these were designed to take you away from God.

I had some very scary spiritual experiences. God always protected me, but I was dabbling in things that no one should dabble in. I had no idea what I was messing with. I am so grateful every single day that I found the truth.

God rescued me from all of that darkness. When you are in the depths of deception, it’s so hard to see the truth. My hope and my prayer is that more and more people will recognize the massive deception they are under (just like I was!), and that they would come to know Jesus Christ, who was sent to save us.

(The above photo is many of the new age and law of attraction books I threw away.)


For more information about coming to Jesus, please check out This website has been very helpful to me as a new Christian!


Saved from the darkness: My Testimony

I was deeply into new age teachings for many years. I was on a constant, desperate search. Sometimes I would feel happy and blissful, but they were always temporary feelings. Then I would quickly feel empty again.

I also experienced deep depression, suicidal thoughts, and intense anxiety. Often the anxiety was so intense, it was physically painful.

The never ending search

I would constantly read books and articles about the law of attraction and the power of our thoughts. I attended seminars about energy healing and I have had many energy healing sessions over the years. I would feel better for a little while, but I was always left feeling incomplete.

I’ve had many psychic readings, angel card readings, and even learned how to do angel card readings for myself. I did guided meditations, yoga, and listened to Abraham Hicks every day. I even learned how to channel and practiced with a friend on a weekly basis for years. I also did automatic writing, which is another form of channeling. I did scripting, visualization, vision boards, positive affirmations and more…I did these things for about 16 years.

It all led me nowhere. In fact, I felt more and more lost and hopeless as time went on.

Misguided and deceived

It’s important to take care of yourself with good nutrition, exercise, sleep, etc, but the types of goals I had were mostly materialistic: make a lot of money, buy a fancy house and a fancy car, get the perfect body, find the perfect guy, etc.

Even after all those years of practicing those techniques, none of those goals came to fruition!

I realize now it’s because I was completely turned away from God without even knowing it. If you look up the origins of the law of attraction, it is downright frightening. It’s also filled with deception.

These false and dangerous teachings are sprinkled with some truth in order to make them sound trustworthy. The main goal of these teachings is to lead people away from God.

Still lost

About a month ago in July, I was (yet again) deep into watching law of attraction videos on YouTube, trying to find new techniques that might help me escape my misery. I was feeling so lost and completely exhausted from the daily grind of stress, anxiety, and depression, searching for something that would finally help me.

One of the suggested videos was from a Christian ministry. It was a testimony from a girl who was deep into new age teachings. She was having disturbing experiences and she was so lost in that world. The video was shocking enough to make me realize that I was as lost as she was, and I was also having disturbing experiences (including sleep paralysis) which I’ll write about in future posts.

Finally found!

I watched a few more testimony videos,  including Doreen Virtue’s. When I heard her story, everything finally made sense. I stopped what I was doing and prayed to God to forgive me for turning away from Him for all those years. I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. I cried so hard and felt so many emotions: relief that God had saved me, sadness for all the years I lost, guilt for playing with fire for so many years…I was so incredibly grateful that God saved me from that darkness. I truly felt the words of Amazing Grace: I once was lost, but now I’m found.

Out with the old

I immediately threw away every single new age book and anything remotely related to the occult. I was shocked at how many books I had! The search was endless and fruitless because it did not lead to the real truth about God.

In future posts, I will write about the origins of the law of attraction, the danger and the truth about angel cards, channeling, psychic readings, yoga, as well as the massive deception of the new age.

True peace and joy!

I know that God has a plan for my life. I am so grateful every single day, and I often cry tears of immense gratitude. Now I want to expose the truth about the new age so that other people don’t get swept up in that dangerous world.

When you are in the new age, you can’t see the deception. But as soon as you turn away from it and turn towards the one true God, you see it for what it really is, and it all makes complete sense.

Now I feel so much peace. I no longer have that horrible anxiety. I know that God is always with me. The suicidal thoughts have completely disappeared. I no longer have depression. I no longer drive with anxiety and aggravation. Of course I still experience stress at work and while driving, but now it doesn’t ruin my entire day or bring me down.

I am so immensely grateful and I want to share how life-changing this has been. I feel like a new person.

If you search on YouTube for “new age to Jesus,” you’ll be astounded at how many testimonies there are.

God can rescue you from the darkness if you turn to Him and ask for help.